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We bring combined experience to help navigate you through the complexity of the trucking industry.

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The transportation industry is an unpredictable environment in which to do business. As advisors to the transportation industry, we know the best way to handle this challenge is to plan for it.

We offer transportation entrepreneurs a full range of services that complements their management team. Our objective is to improve profitability by delivering insightful advice on proven carrier practices, creative tax planning scenarios, and innovative information technology and business solutions. Knowing the costs of providing trucking services is crucial to selling profitable services in a highly competitive industry. Many carriers have to bid for work. The North American Free Trade Agreement has opened the borders to additional competitors.

Saving income taxes by knowing the unique laws that trucking businesses operate under, like meals and travel expense reimbursement laws unique to interstate trucking is important. Another area common in the trucking industry are international insurance arrangements.


Besides income taxes, trucking businesses are taxed at every point of costs including Federal Excise Tax on tractors, property taxes on terminal facilities and equipment, federal and state fuel taxes, special permit fees and Public Utilities Commission business license gross receipt fees, and payroll taxes.

Trucking is highly regulated in the way they can operate – from the amount of hours a driver can work to the frequency of maintenance on equipment. Society has legislated many laws to conserve the environment that are a heavy impact on the industry’s costs and how they can operate.

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