Our Philosophy

We believe that when we incorporate our core values into our lives, we will be better prepared to serve our clients and make positive contributions to our communities.

The Driving Philosophy of D.H. Scott & Company

While D.H. Scott & Company began operations primarily through specializing in the construction and logging industries, it has grown in recent years by expanding into a broad-based clientele. The Firm has gained widespread recognition in all areas of the north state economy by not narrowly focusing on a single industry.

Our Vision

The Firm plans to continue its focus in the core accounting services of tax planning and preparation, audit, review and compilation of financial statements, information technology, and general business consulting. Additional concentration has been given to expanding the information technology department with the formation of Redding Technology Partners, Inc.

The partners of the Firm are growth-oriented with plans for continued growth through active involvement in civic affairs, membership on non-profit boards and active membership in various trade organizations.


The most fundamental philosophy of D.H. Scott & Company has been to seek out and hire the most talented, well-educated and well-trained staff. Demonstrating our commitment to this, we have reached beyond the Redding area to hire several members of our staff. Our entire staff brings up-to-date technological expertise to the organization, particularly that gained by working for 4 National CPA firms

Team Approach

It is impossible for a single individual to have expertise in all aspects of public accounting. Accordingly, we provide a “team approach” wherein we bring together a team of experts to address our clients’ specific needs in these areas. The day of the sole practitioner being able to stay current, in the face of constant change and fast-paced technology, is a thing of the past.


We pride ourselves on doing things right. We consistently identify means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently. We solve difficult problems by using creative thinking and teamwork. We continue to expand our knowledge base, and share that knowledge within the organization.


We are driven to accomplish challenging goals and improve productivity with an overriding emphasis on service. We have high standards for ourselves and others, and we pursue success with confidence, optimism, and determination.


We make trust the foundation of all our relationships and cultivate it every day. Our communications are open and authentic, using a collaborative based approach.

Respect & Recognition

We promote mutual respect throughout our organization by treating one another in the way we individually expect to be treated. We recognize and appreciate the efforts of our people.


We believe that succeeding as one firm is more important than succeeding independently. By building a community environment, we are better prepared to make a positive contribution to our team members and our communities.

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